Creating powerful photos that linger in our memories. 

In a world abound with imagery, people are capturing their precious moments in astounding numbers to share with the world and cherish in their hearts.  The digital camera revolution has allowed millions of people the capability of capturing these moments, and has created a small number of experienced professionals that have gone beyond the ordinary to create magic.

Amy Senecal is one of these professionals.

The science of lighting, the emotions of color, the physics of vision.  There is no substitute for diligent attention to detail and true heartfelt desire to provide exceptional artwork for clients.

When you book with Amy, you can expect the following:

1)  Photo Session Consultation:  Knowing the subject is imperative if you want to ace the test.  Amy's focus is on communication and understanding your goals for the images.  Its about who you are and what you want the images to say.

2)  A wide range of quality products:  Having the freedom to choose from a large variety of products helps to provide a tailored experience.  Amy only uses the highest quality photo finishing available, without exception.

3)  An inspired photo session:  Creating a comfortable atmosphere allows us to be ourselves!  Amy's sessions utilize beautiful lighting design and color accents choreographed to accentuate the subjects originality.

4)  A finished product that will amaze:  All of Amy's work comes ready to display with images you will be proud of and products that will last a lifetime.

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